Villas for sale

For Sale - Villa or House?

Villa has become the popular term used to describe stand alone houses on Samui. This has most likely come from the European style of referring to houses in Spa and waterside locations as villas. So if you are looking to buy a property on Samui and whether you prefer 'Villa' or 'House' there is without a doubt an exciting and wide range available for your consideration.

Beach or Mountainside?

Location of course is one of the big deciding factors for any property purchase. On a small volcanic tropical island like Koh Samui there are three categories of land: beach-side, mountain-side, and the narrow ribbon of flat land between. All have their own advantages and only you will know which you prefer. Beach-side evokes the all the romance of the tropics and who doesn't want to step out of their villa onto sparkling white sand and within a few paces dive in to the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand? A limited coastline and popular demand results in hefty price tags for such properties. Mountain-side, of which there is a more plentiful supply, offers the added bonus of expansive views, more than likely including sea vistas, and frequent cooling breezes. Almost guaranteed sea and lush tropical bush views means this land is also now much sort after. Construction on what can be steep plots means mountain-side villas are not cheap to build and tend to the high end of the market. The ribbon of flat land around the island offers easier construction and easy access to the island's infrastructure and main roads. This is where most hotels and commercial enterprises are located as well as many mid range and cheaper villas and villa complexes.

One Bedroom or Six?

One bedroom to six bedrooms and more if you need. There is most certainly the right size villa waiting for you on Koh Samui. Are you buying a home, or home away from home, or an investment property? The answer will no doubt help to determine the perfect sized villa for your needs. Property in the tropics needs frequent maintenance and upkeep so best not to have more space than you need.

Functional or Glamorous?

Style – among the villas offered for sale by SunWay Samui there most certainly will be one which will fit your feel. As Koh Samui is a relatively new real estate market there are few older and traditional Thai houses on the market. Most villas are built in what can be called a 'Tropical Modern' style using concrete, glass and stone, with timber accents. But even this offers a huge scope for unique and individual design. Glamorous and high tech using the latest house technology and expensive imported equipment, furniture and finishes – is this you? Or perhaps something simpler and more functional will suit your needs and budget better? We at SunWay Samui will be thrilled to help you find the perfect fit.