We accept crypto (only for selected properties)

We accept crypto
(only for selected properties)

Condominiums for sale

Which is it - Condo or Condominium?

You choose. Though, for obvious reasons 'Condo' is the term most people use. Condominiums are an increasingly popular means of owning a property in Thailand and in particular on Samui. The government approves freehold ownership by foreign nationals of up to 49% of units in registered condominium complexes. Going condo is perhaps the easiest way to own a property 100 percent out right, which is yours to use and sell – without the fuss of setting up a company or signing long term leases.

Condominium or Apartment?

The difference is in the paperwork – meaning the type of government registration the complex has, and by extension the type of sale and purchase allowed. Most condominium developments are of apartment block or town house design and style, or a combination. So, on the surface there is little difference. Condominium complexes tend to be resort style with landscaped gardens and with a communal swimming pool, gym and other facilities.

Beach-side or Mountain-side?

As there are height restrictions on the development of beach-side land and as most condominium complexes are multi-storied this type of property will not be beach-side. Likewise building permit restrictions disallow the development of larger complexes on higher mountain-side land. High mountain-side land is often very steep and impractical for the development of large condominium complexes. Somewhere in between is just right. Lower hillside and flat land is where these complexes are located, which is why you will find most in the north and northeast part of the island. The professional team at SunWay Samui has extensive real estate experience and contacts on Koh Samui and are committed to finding the right condominium for you.

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