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Long Term Stay in Thailand? Thailand Elite Visa

Planning to stay in Thailand as a long-term visitor or to visit Thailand frequently over the next few years? Don't like tedious paperwork, laden and time-consuming visa applications and procedures? Then you should consider the Thailand Elite Visa program.

Thailand Elite visa allows long term residence in Thailand for periods of five to 20 years without the worry of meeting complex visa requirements, deadlines and extensions. On top of that, an Elite Visa member card gives you additional privileges including access to airport pick-up services, elite member passport lanes, airport lounges, visa assistance, golf club memberships, and discounts on various services in Thailand.

The scheme is run by the Thai Government and aims to attract affluent visitors, businessmen, investors, and expats. Maybe you are a digital nomad uninterested in time consuming visa runs, a retiree wanting to purchase a home to live in, or an investor or business person who needs to fly in and out of Thailand several times a year. If this is you and you don't mind paying extra for convenience read on.

There are several different Thailand Elite Visa packages to choose from. Here is just some of the available packages:

1. Elite Easy Access – For THB 500,000 (USD 15,700) you get a membership and visa for 5 years and can be for those of any age. Add-ons include airport service, arrival and departure lounges, short haul transfer service on international flights (24 per year), discounts, a dedicated call centre and government concierges (liaisons). An upgrade service is available for THB1,500,000 (USD 47,000).

2. Elite Privilege Access – For THB 1,000,000 you get you get a membership validity of 10 years. For each additional immediate family member the fee is THB800,000. Members can be any age. The visa is renewable for 5 years at the end of 5 years. Add-ons includes airport service, departure and arrival lounges, short haul transfer service on international flights 18 times per calendar year, one health check per year, discounts, a dedicated call center, and government concierges (liaisons).

3. Elite Family Excursion (for a minimum of 2 persons) – For THB 800,000 you get a membership (and visa) validity of 5 years. For each additional immediate family member the fee is THB300,000. Add-ons include airport service, departure and arrival lounge access, short haul transfer service (4 per year), long haul transfer service (6 per year), discounts, a dedicated call center, and government concierge (liaison).

Even with all its benefits elite visa holders will still need to do the mandatory 90 day reporting and one time a year extension of visa at the immigration center. However in major centres (Bangkok, Chang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya) a Thailand Elite Visa staff member can do this for you.

Anyone can apply for the Thailand Elite visa. The requirements are quite simple compared to other Thai visa categories. The main requirement is your ability to pay the application fee, which should be paid in full during the application.

Other requirements are:

• You must obey Thai laws.
• You need to have a passport that isn’t Thai.
• You cannot have any criminal convictions.
• You have not been declared bankrupt.
• You are of sound mind.
• You haven’t overstayed your Thai visa more than twice in the past.

Maybe an Elite Visa is bit more than you need? Here is some information about a new special tourist visa allowing longer term stays at this time of Covid-19 and some hopeful gossip about a new residence visa for condo owners that is currently being considered by the authorities.

Note: Prices for the Elite Visa (except for the Elite Easy Access upgrade fee) include VAT. The details provided are correct at the time of writing. For more current information on the Elite Visa program please check with an official agent. (

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