We accept crypto (only for selected properties)

We accept crypto
(only for selected properties)

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Buying From the Cloud – Virtual Property Purchases with Sunway Samui

This times of COVID may see you stuck in your country or even in your home. Certainly a big disruption for everyone, but no reason to not purchase your dream tropical island home or a great value investment property on Koh Samui. Sunway Samui is proud to announce our latest service set up with you, and these crazy times, in mind. We are now offering 'Virtual Property Purchases' or for short VPP. From the comfort of your own home you can view, select, and complete all the necessary paperwork to purchase a property on the wonderful tropical island of Koh Samui. It is not surprising online shopping has really taken off during the coronavirus pandemic – chocolates, a new outfit, some bargain price shoes, a phone, a new television, or perhaps a fridge – so why not a house? What is more, now is an especially good time to buy as the downturn in global tourism and economy has seen many sort after quality properties come on to the market for the first time ever: from stand alone villas and condominiums to hotels and other businesses. Prices and selection of opportunities have never been better. Also, our VPP means the money you save on unnecessary trips to Samui can be put to your purchase. It is win win all the way, so, what are you waiting for?

How our VPP works.

•         Contact us to let us know what kind of property you are looking for and what your budget is. We will suggest a range of properties for you to consider.

•         When you have gone through the information for these properties on our website, or maybe you find some others, and you have selected those in which you are most interested we will schedule virtual tours by video call for your desired properties.

•         Once you have made a decision to purchase a particular property, and the seller has agreed we will prepare Reservation Agreement. Standard reservation fees are 5-10% from total selling price and hold by us as your authorized Agent. During the next 30-45 days we will work with Lawyer(s) representing Buyer and Seller on Due Diligence to make sure your purchase is 100% safe

•         Once Due Diligence report is given all green light to go we will send you, by email, a Power of Attorney form which will give us or your legal solicitor the authority to deal with the Thai Land Office on your behalf. The form will be in English and Thai. Once you have signed the Thai language version and have had it notarised by a Notary Public or by an officer of a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate, send it back to us by courier with a signed copy of the front page of your passport.

•         You, the purchaser, then can deposit the total purchase price to the Sunway Samui Escrow Account or to that of your lawyer. A Cashier's Cheque is then issued from Escrow to the seller on the day of ownership transfer.

The entire process will take about 4-8 weeks. 

To help you ease in to our VPP concept we have a few suggestions. 

•          Use Google Maps and Google Earth to get a feel for the property's location, geography and neighbourhood. 

•          Thoroughly check out the photos and information provided on our website for the property.

•          If the property has been a holiday rental look up its entry on travel booking websites such as AGODA, Booking.COM, AirBNB to check on guest comments. 

•          If any images are unclear or you think some spaces or aspects of the property are missing let us know and we will endeavour to remedy the situation. 

•          If you have a friend or contact on Samui ask them to contact us and we can show them around the property. 

Virtual Property Purchases and Virtual Agencies have been a growing feature of the real estate business for the last few years. The extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have seen a growing interest in this cost and time saving service. All of the team at Sunway Samui are excited to offer this new and practical service and encourage you to contact us for more information on how you can buy a piece of the tropical paradise called Samui from where-ever you may be.


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