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Narai Kiri complex: completed villas and vacant land (Choeng Mon)

CODE: S0167
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3 760 000 ฿
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The Narai Kiri project is a complex of 19 plots with a total area of 15,912 sq.m. The plots vary in size (from 548 to 1,712 sq.m.) and configuration but all have basic infrastructure in place: three-phase power lines, a water supply, and an asphalted road. Connection to these is included in the price of the land.

Narai Kiri complex is just 1.5 km from the Choeng Mon beach, in north east Samui. Its sloping topography affords all plots sea views, but the best panoramas, naturally, are from the top level. The minimum square metre cost in the Narai Kiri project is THB3,750 . Check out our photo gallery for a subdivision plan.



plot 12 (1,308 sq.m.) – 4,905,000 mln ТНВ

plot 14 (752 sq.m.) – 4,500,000 ТНВ

plot 15 (728 sq.m.) – 3,760,000 ТНВ

plot 16 (1,284 sq.m.) – 7 mln ТНВ

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