Plots of land in a secure settlement (Bang Po)

CODE: S0037
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This settlement with plots of land for sale has good reasons to be called an oasis of bliss, peace and quiet. At 220 metres above sea level this property offers stunning views: palm groves, gentle rolling hills, and the blue sea merging into the horizon.  Upscale neighbours (Infinity Residences and The Code complexes) and an exclusive location just add to the atmosphere of luxury.

The grounds and services of the settlement are still being developed but already include 24-hour security. Vacant plots are fully fitted for development with all the necessary infrastructure and utilities (an asphalted road, a water borehole, an underground three-phase power line). The settlement is about 2 km from the ring road.


plot № 5 (1,200 sq.m.) – 3 mln ТНВ

plot № 6 (1,168 sq.m.) – 2.8 mln ТНВ

plot № 10 (1,832 sq.m.) – 13 mln ТНВ

plot № 12 (1,830 sq.m.) – 13 mln ТНВ
plot № 26 (1,200 sq.m.) – 6 mln ТНВ